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A Journal Less Ordinary

It's not romance, simply how things are

If you are a Mod! of the communities that I watch, am part of, or aspire to and you want to check out my journal for sock-puppet vetting, please comment randomly and I'll add you to my flist.

Most fic is public, the rest is flocked.

The vast majority of my flisters are rl flisters, so I'm not an automatic re-friender as a rule. But I do like random flybys, so hellos are always welcome. *waves*


Privacy policy:
LiveJournal is intended as my sanctuary of geekiness, where I can share my interests in creative writing and fandoms in a relaxed and free fashion. To that end:

* I have not, do not and will not post pictures of myself, friends or family on this LiveJournal without their express permission. You will never see a picture of me or my family on this LJ. I would expect never to see one of me elsewhere, especially without knowing about it first.
* I have not, do not and will not crosspost other's comments or posts.
* I have not, do not and will not ever be interested in crossposting content to Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site.
* I have not, do not and will not crosspost any content to any external website, with the exception of public fic and any such crossposting will be clearly indicated.
* If you would like to rec a public fic by linking back here, I'm flattered, go for it. If you would like to archive a fic on an external site, I'd really rather you contacted me first.
* I would politely expect that my Flist and any Guests to this journal please respect and adhere to my privacy policy. As for LJ itself respecting the privacy of its users, well, we'll just have to see won't we...?